Part Number: AC7962054
Bedford 5" speedometer Manufactured by AC Part# AC7962054.
Part Number: 295471
Bendix Low pressure indicatorPart# 295471NSN LV6/MT9 2530-99-830-4658.
Part Number: 6680998020680
Brass float type sender unitMade by Rotherhams of CoventryMeasures approx. 21LV6/MT1 6680 99 802 0680.
Part Number: BW.1150/AA
Butler side marker lightAlthough new old stock there maybe slight rust spots on the outer casing due to agePart# BW.1150/AANSN LV6/MT3 6220-99-803-2060.
LV6/MT4 CB/186/1
Part Number: LV6/MT4 CB/186/1
CAV Compensated voltage control system Switch board type 186-1 NSN LV6/MT4 CB/186/1.
7WTK 2530 01 518 2669
Dummy coupling for air brake hose NSN 7WTK 2530-01-518-2669.
6MT4 2540-12-326-2583
Eberspacher heater regulator V7S BDHS002G.MDL Part# 251689500002 NSN 6MT4 2540-12-326-2583.
Part Number: LV6/MT3
Lucas TurnlightOrangePt.No - LV6/MT3NATO Number - 6220-99-810-6818.
Part Number: J957/1/FM
Foden fuel tank gauge unit Manufactured by Bayham Part# J957/1/FM NSN 6MT12 7FW 6680-99-825-4295.
Part Number: MZK9013
Foden half shaftPart# MZK9013NSN 7FW 2520-99-921-6770.
Part Number: FD2001/010
Foden (Smiths) Fuel tank sender unitPart# FD2001/010NSN LV7/FW 6680-99-829-3963.
LV6/MT3 6230 99 821 1281
Francis 7" search light NSN LV6/MT3 6230-99-821-1281.
Part Number: SPBE3527
Francis search light Roof mounted & controlled from inside Ideal for marine use.
LV6/MT1 2910-99-827-9584
Fuel cap assy. This cap is securable but not with a key Aperture approx. 80mm NSN LV6/MT1 2910-99-827-9584.
Part Number: 4774354
Volvo TD60 Turbocharger Garrett Type AR-60 Vovlo part# 4774354 New NOT reconditioned.
Part Number: 6220-99-316-3356
Military headlamp guardPart# MXH1811NSN 6220-99-316-3356.
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