Part Number: 11K396
Engine felt plug/sealPart# 11K396NSN LV7/AN 2805-99-831-6872.
Part Number: 13H2067
Buzzer made by Gent of Leicester Part # 13H2067 NSN 6MT4 2540-99-833-6763.
Part Number: 27H5966
BMC Housing Part# 27H5966NSN LV7/AN 2530-99-808-1606.
Part Number: ACB5427
British Leyland detent spring Part# ACB5427 NSN LV7/ML 2530-99-430-4771.
22H 925
Part Number: 22H 925
Austin 1800 transmissions thrust washer Measures 0.130" - 0.132" Part# 22H 925 NSN LV7/AN 2520-99-805-0430.
Part Number: CZD1229/CZD1879
Left hand rear door to fit Austin 3 litre & Maxi Part# CZD1229 or CZD 1879 NSN LV7AN 2510-99-811-0645.
LV7/AN 2805 99 831 6448
British Leyland Crankshaft bearing set NSN LV7/AN 2805-99-831-6448.
Part Number: GHB211
Austin Front wheel Bearing Fits Austin Allegro, Mini, Mini Metro, MG Metro, Riley Elf, Vanden-Plas Princess and Wolseley Hornet Unipart GHB211.
Part Number: BHM7012
Austin Mini CV pot rubber boot repair kit (Please note that the grease packet is split and damaged) Part# BHM7012.
Part Number: 8G2198/20
Con rod bearing set for various Austin Morris VehiclesFits 'A' Series engine +0.20 8G2198/20.
Part Number: 8G2389/20
Main bearing set for various Austin Morris VehiclesFits 'B' Series engine +0.20.
Part Number: GEG501
Genuine sump gasketWill fit many Austin/Morris vehiclesincluding Mini and MinorPart# GEG 501NSN LV7/ML/MM/WY 2805-99-811-2476.
Part Number: 12H1618
Austin oil pump to fit J4 1622cc engine Part# 12H1618 NSN LV7/ML 2805-99-430-4273.
LV7/ML/MM/WY 2510 99 403 9724
BMC Glazing strip Measures approx. 2.4m in length NSN LV7/ML/MM/WY 2510-99-403-9724.
Part Number: LV7/AN
BMC wiring harness Sorry no part#.
LV7/ML 2815 99 430 4242
British Leyland Crankshaft bearing set NSN LV7/ML 2815-99-430-4242.
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