LV6/MT4 CB/186/1
Part Number: LV6/MT4 CB/186/1
CAV Compensated voltage control system Switch board type 186-1 NSN LV6/MT4 CB/186/1.
Part Number: KY2184/1
Knorr-Bremse load sensing valveFits ERF, Scammell and Seddon AtkinsonPart#KY2184/1NSN 7SA 2530-99-732-5887.
Part Number: LU935611
Lucas military lamp ring nutThis fits most military style rubber light unitsPart# LU/935611.
T351, T354, T366 & T367
Smiths Industries manual washer kit This includes pump, bottle, tubing & washers jets Smiths# T351, T354, T366 & T367 NSN LV6/MT3 2540-99-408-5850.
Model 44
Part Number: Model 44
Rubbolite side repeaterModel 44.
LV6/MT12 2910 99 807 9998
Solex carburettor for Scammel recovery truck Type 46 WN HPO NSN LV6/MT12 2910-99-807-9998.
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