Part Number: J957/1/FM
Foden fuel tank gauge unit Manufactured by Bayham Part# J957/1/FM NSN 6MT12 7FW 6680-99-825-4295.
Part Number: MZK9013
Foden half shaftPart# MZK9013NSN 7FW 2520-99-921-6770.
Part Number: FD2001/010
Foden (Smiths) Fuel tank sender unit Part# FD2001/010 NSN LV7/FW 6680-99-829-3963.
Part Number: SQB985
Lucas Indicator Switch Pt.No - SQB985 Model Number - WN-15-021  OE NO.
T351, T354, T366 & T367
Smiths Industries manual washer kit This includes pump, bottle, tubing & washers jets Smiths# T351, T354, T366 & T367 NSN LV6/MT3 2540-99-408-5850.
Part Number: AELB646
DAF or Foden VDO electrical speedometer Part# AELB646 NSN 7FW 6680-12-345-4919.
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