LV7/ML/MM/WY 2510 99 403 9724
BMC Glazing strip Measures approx. 2.4m in length NSN LV7/ML/MM/WY 2510-99-403-9724.
Part Number: 7996045
Delco 24 volt Wiper motor AC 7996045.
T351, T354, T366 & T367
Smiths Industries manual washer kit This includes pump, bottle, tubing & washers jets Smiths# T351, T354, T366 & T367 NSN LV6/MT3 2540-99-408-5850.
Part Number: ACA5117
Left hand lever action shock absorber for Morris Part# ACA5117 NSN 6/MT1 2540-99-811-4443.
LU32965 FR2 324932
Part Number: LU32965 FR2 324932
Morris Commercial Lucas Colomn switchThis may also fit other vehicles.Lucas# LU32965NSN LV6/MT3 2590-99-807-0663.
Morris Commercial Hub Cap
Morris Commercial threaded hub capThread measures approx. 2 3/4.
Part Number: ATA7057
Rear half shaft for Morris Minor vehicles Pt.No. ATA 7057 NSN LV7/ML 2520-99-811-3930.
CAV 500833
Part Number: CAV 500833
Seat CAV 500833.
36VIS-2 C1378
Part Number: 36VIS-2 C1378
Zenith 36VIS-2 Carburettor Austin Commercial Lanchester NSN LV6/MT12 2910-99-807-7271.
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