Part Number: 11K396
Engine felt plug/sealPart# 11K396NSN LV7/AN 2805-99-831-6872.
Part Number: 2A21
Rocker Bush for 'A' Series Mini etcPart # 2A21NSN LV7/ML 2805-99-430-3969.
Part Number: 1
AMAL engine breather filter.
Part Number: 5016022
Armored Metal Hose Pt.No - 5016022 NSN - 4720-17-0560782 Britpart .
8G 2080/20
Part Number: 8G 2080/20
Austin BMC engine bearing set + 0.20" Fit JU range Oxford A55 A60 Wolseley Part# 8G 2080/20 NSN LV7/ML 2805-99-430-4177.
LV7/AN 2805 99 831 6448
British Leyland Crankshaft bearing set NSN LV7/AN 2805-99-831-6448.
Part Number: 8G2198/20
Con rod bearing set for various Austin Morris VehiclesFits 'A' Series engine +0.20 8G2198/20.
Part Number: 8G2389/20
Main bearing set for various Austin Morris VehiclesFits 'B' Series engine +0.20.
Part Number: GEG501
Genuine sump gasketWill fit many Austin/Morris vehiclesincluding Mini and MinorPart# GEG 501NSN LV7/ML/MM/WY 2805-99-811-2476.
Part Number: 12H1618
Austin oil pump to fit J4 1622cc engine Part# 12H1618 NSN LV7/ML 2805-99-430-4273.
LV7 BD 3120 99 829 4176
Bedford main bearing set(crank shaft) Bedford pt. no. 91023414 NSN LV7 BD 3120-99-829-4176.
Part Number: 295471
Bendix Low pressure indicatorPart# 295471NSN LV6/MT9 2530-99-830-4658.
LV7/ML 2815 99 430 4242
British Leyland Crankshaft bearing set NSN LV7/ML 2815-99-430-4242.
12H3271 - 9H75 EP
Part Number: 12H3271 - 9H75 EP
British Leyland Starter Ring For Morris 1800 This item is New Old stock Part Number - 12H3271 - 9H75 EP.
Part Number: D16
Champion D16 spark plugs..
Part Number: RSL-10
Champion Spark Plug.
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